Have a look at some of the projects I’ve made.    Pro tip: use your mouse to click on the picture and we’ll teleport you to the video.


Real-Life Nyan Cat

Based on the 8-bit internet meme. A dive into 3D animation and compositing.



A coming of age story about obsession.

Showreel 2012

Featuring my works from the last few years.


A comedy-drama-action-zombie movie. Not for the faint of brains.

Franko - “We Are One”

The music video for “We Are One”. Used to represent NZ at the World Art Games.

Youthline TV commercial

Increasing awareness for the fantastic talk line for NZ youth.

Nearest and Dearest

A crime drama that we wrote, shot, edited in less then 48 hours for the 48Hours film comp.

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Too Many Lens Flares

Poking fun at modern cinema.

Documentary Edge Festival

Promoting the 2013 Documentary Edge Festival.

Enter The Game

A fun little video dedicated to all the gamers out there.


Photo manipulation, graphic design

I also do stuff that doesn’t move.

Design and Photography

Kimberley and Simon’s Wedding

Warning: super cute.

These Things

Two siblings deal with loss in their own different ways.

Oddballs (series)

A new comedy series that we’ve been working on. Coming soon!

A selection of corporate, commercial and event videography.

Client work

AUT Tourism Management

A promotional video for AUT’s Bachelor of Tourism Management.

Institute of Applied Ecology NZ

Months in the making, we shot this at locations up and down the country.


Event and portrait photography